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Nibble Fish Home Treatment Pack
Consists of:
30 Genuine Garra Rufa Fish
1 Filter
1 Water Heater
1 Air Stone & Pump
1 Food Pack
This home treatment pack is perfect for those people with smaller areas of Psoriasis to treat for example Psoriasis of the hands or feet, who want to be treated in the privacy of their own home.
Our fish are guaranteed to be genuine Garra Rufa, and not the cheaper less effective Chin Chin.
All over the world clients are being successfully treated for Psoriasis by bathing with the nibble fish who  gently exfoliate any dead or diseased skin.
These fish have no teeth and exfoliate the dead skin with a gentle sucking motion whilst releasing a beneficial enzyme leaving your skin baby soft and feeling refreshed.
We can ship this pack to you, but for the well being of the fish we prefer where ever possible for a personal pick up.