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Psoriasis treatment

Anybody who suffers with psoriasis will know that it can be a painful and sometimes embarrassing condition to have to live with.

But there is a solution.

Garra Rufa fish are not known as the 'little dermatologist' for no reason, they actually treat dead or diseased skin by gently removing it with a licking action, as they do not have any teeth this treatment is both pleasant and pain free.

Used in clinics all over the world they have proved a successful and totally organic alternative to creams, pills and potions in the treatment of psoriasis and other skin conditions.

The severity of a particular patients condition will be assessed at the centre and this will dictate the length of treatment, but on average most patients experience great results with a 2 hour session over 6 consecutive days.

Pembrokeshire is an excellent holiday or short break destination with a multitude of beautiful beaches, unspoiled coastal walks and pretty little fishing villages.

If you need accommodation or any other assistance during your stay in Pembrokeshire, we would be more happy to assist you

The health and well being of our fish is top priority and for this reason we would ask you not to wear any perfumes, or creams for 24 hours prior to treatment.
Doctor fish at home (especially recommended for people with psoriasis of the hands and forearms)
We will supply you with everything that you need for your own home treatments. 
Posh pedicure
(Perfect as an unusual gift idea)
There is no better or more relaxing way to pamper your tootsies than allowing these natural little fish to nibble away at the dead, dry and hard skin from around your feet and toes, in fact its a toe-tally amazing  experience.
30 Minute Session £25.00

Manicure Treatment
Sit Back and relax and enjoy the unique sensation of gentle little nibble fish nibbling away at your fingers and the hard skin on your palms leaving your hands smooth and refreshed.
30 Minute Session £20.00

Nibble Fish Home Treatment Pack
Consists of:
30 Genuine Garra Rufa Fish
1 Filter
1 Water Heater
1 Air Stone & Pump
1 Food Pack
This home treatment pack is perfect for those people with smaller areas of Psoriasis to treat for example Psoriasis of the hands or feet, who want to be treated in the privacy of their own home.
Our fish are guaranteed to be genuine Garra Rufa, and not the cheaper less effective Chin Chin.
These fish have no teeth and exfoliate the dead skin with a gentle sucking motion whilst releasing a beneficial enzyme leaving your skin baby soft and feeling refreshed.
We can ship this pack to you, but for the well being of the fish we prefer where ever possible for a personal pick up.
Full Treatment Kit £399

Please call 01246 439111